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Ne Brini (No worry)

A fantastical journey of the soul…featuring the violin, flute, and electric guitar.

This creation was inspired by the intensity of confronting hard times, the art of letting go and ultimately, unveiling our True selves.

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A deliciously haunting sound (folk, Balkan, reggae), featuring the bouzouki, baglamas and trumpet. 

This song was birthed in the middle of the pandemic last year, which propelled and deepened our inner work. It certainly felt daunting and still does, as that 'work' never really ends, but we just keep going, peeling and peeling the layers.

River down she goes…


A colourful, artistic and dynamic musical journey; featuring the piano, accordion and electric guitar.  

This song was inspired by grappling with the feeling of nostalgia due to imprints of war, a life of perpetual mouvement and a deep thirst for Self-realization. 

As long as there's a beat,

We're ok, we'll be alright...

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Jovano, Jovanke

A candid rendition of an old beautiful Macedonian folk song.

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